Artesia Fire Protection District

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    1938 Artesia Fire Engine



    Troy Zufelt


    Artesia Fire Protection District

    PO Box 39

    Dinosaur, CO 81610





    Artesia Fire Protection District


    The Artesia Volunteer Fire Protection District, located in Dinosaur, CO, provides fire protection and emergency response services to the Dinosaur community. The Fire Department's mission is to prevent the loss of life and property. In addition to responding to fires, the Artesia Volunteer Fire Protection District also responds to medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, rescue calls, and incidents involving hazardous materials.

    This organization primarily operates in the Fire Department, Volunteer business / industry within the Justice, Public Order and Safety sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 17 years. Artesia Fire Protection District employs approximately 6 people at this single location.



    Dinosaur fire stations
    9-1-1 emergencies and first response services
    Fire and emergency preparedness
    Dinosaur Fire Marshals and Inspectors
    Moffat County Fire Department jobs and employment


    Artesia Fire Protection District, covering 73.5 square miles in Moffat County (Colorado) including the areas of Baking Powder Ridge, Blue Mountain, Boston Flats, Box Canyon, Buffalo Gulch, Cathedral Bluffs, Cedar Mountain, Cedar Springs Draw, Colorado Welcome Center at Dinosaur, Cross Mountain, Dinosaur, Elk Springs, Elk Springs Draw, Elk Springs Ridge, Dinosaur, Dinosaur National Monument & Park, Dripping Rock Creek, Jack Springs, Jack Springs Pass, Lay, Lone Tree Draw, Martin Gap, Massadona, Maybell Ditch, Middle Fork Creek, Rock Wall Gulch, Skull Creek, Skull Creek Basin, Sunbeam, Thornburg Draw, Twelvemile Mesa, Wild Horse Ridge, Wolf Creek & Yampa River. 



    1.  The district must have either 5 or 7 directors as determined at the district's organizational election.
    2.  The district must have one director listed as chair.
    3.  Each Elected director's length of term must be 4 or fewer years.
    4.  Each Appointed director must have a term that is for two years or less.
    5.  Each director must have a valid, unexpired term. Please remember director positions should be staggered; a 5 member board has three four year terms up for one election and then two four year terms for the following election. However, due to appointments to vacancies several directors or even the entire board may be required to run for election at the same time for a combination of four year terms and two year terms.
    6.  Each director must have an oath that is for the current term.
    7.  Each director must have a current bond filed with the oath.





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    Director Title Elected/Appointed Chairman Length of Term Year Term Expires Oath Date
    Larry Elarton Chairman Appointed Yes 2 years 2023  
    Wendy Berry Board Member Appointed No 2 years 2022 07/06/2020
    Julie Elarton Board Member Elected No 3 years 2023 05/27/2020
    Paul Jachim Board Member Elected No 4 years 2022 06/04/2018
    Colleen Zufelt Treasurer Elected No 3 years 2023 05/27/2020




    Title 32-Article 1 Special Districts began the transition from even-year May elections to odd-year elections starting with the 5/5/20, election. For 2020 and 2022, directors will be elected to 3-year terms, which in those cases will constitute a full-term. Directors appointed to vacant board seats after the 2022 election will only serve until the 2023 election; other than that period, appointments will remain two years or less.