Our Home:

The Town of Dinosaur Colorado is a quaint community of about 339 local year-round residents.  As the name might suggest, our town is just two miles from the Dinosaur National Monument and serves as a gateway for travelers of all types, to enjoy the natural wonders of the park and our little corner of Northwest Colorado.

Dinosaur has a rich history dating back to the late 1800's when settlers traveled here by wagon train to build a better life. Land was cheap and sometimes even free, so people came from all over to tame the west and create a homestead for their families. Many of those families still live here today. Dinosaur is a quintessential western town, in the fact that generation after generation of families have chosen to stay in this place, to carry on their own legacy, raise their own families or tend to their historic family ranches.

Many of our residents work in the surrounding oil fields and coal mines. Due to the ever-changing economics of the energy industry, Dinosaur has experienced its ups and downs just like every other rural town that depends on the energy industry as a main source of income. The resiliency, pride and sense of community runs deep here. Not ones to cut and run, many of the residents of Dinosaur have stuck it out through numerous booms and busts, enjoying as neighbors and friends, both the good times and the bad, adding deep roots and great character to our town.

Our residents enjoy a rural lifestyle, living remotely where everybody knows everybody and sense of community is a tangible thing. However, the residents of Dinosaur also enjoy a population boom every spring when the Dinosaur National Monument opens for business. During the spring and summer months, seasonal employees and visitors from all over the country come here to work and play at the park and of course, for a time, become an important part of our community. These park employees and visitors all bring with them their own unique flavor and styles adding to the uniqueness and fun of Dinosaur, Colorado.

The population in Dinosaur also gets a boost during hunting season. Hunters from all over the world have marked Dinosaur Colorado as a prime spot for trophy elk and deer hunting. Located in the precious GMU #10, Dinosaur Colorado and the surrounding area is home to the largest elk population in the world, making hunting a way of life for many in our community. We love the elk and deer that are also a part of our community, so please be aware, especially in the winter months, that these magnificent animals do come down into town regularly. Please do not feed the animals and be sure to slow down as you travel through town. Although these animals are giants, they are very difficult to see at night and will surprise you, especially during dusk and dawn.

Dinosaur ultimately is a great place to raise a family. There is ample space for children, families and neighbors to enjoy the outdoors together. From riding bikes or four wheelers, to hiking, camping or just running and playing in our two beautiful parks, kids growing up in Dinosaur have an amazing opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe and care free environment. There is a local library with computer access, books and movies to keep them learning all year long. Although there are under 100 children currently residing in Dinosaur, we have fantastic schools in the nearby town of Rangely, Colorado. From preschool through college, the educational opportunities for our children are second to none. With smaller communities comes smaller class sizes and a bus system that caters to not only regularly scheduled classes but after school activities as well, allowing the children in Dinosaur to experience everything a bigger city has to offer while still enjoying a uniquely Colorado rural lifestyle.