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On 11/3/15, the electors in Moffat County passed measure 5A to create a Local Marketing District with a 4% tax levied on the purchase price paid or charged to persons for rooms and accommodations within the boundaries of Moffat County.

The Moffat County Local Marketing District (MCLMD) will support, enhance, encourage and develop programs that lead to economic diversification by increasing business retention, development and recruitment in Moffat County that will in turn increase tourism, including funding for special events.

The MCLMD funding will help promote Moffat County as a premier recreation/ tourism destination as well as a desirable, business friendly location for those that enjoy a varied outdoor lifestyle with a western atmosphere.

Tammie Thompson-Booker 2018-2021 County
Julie Elarton 2021-2023 Town of Dinosaur
Chris Jones 2018-2021 City
Justin Kawcak 2017-2020 City
Randy Looper 2019-2022 City
Michael Morriss 2020-2021 County
Tim Osborn 2021-2023 County

LMD Agendas:

2021 meetings

Next scheduled meeting:

October 14th, 2021

The LMD meets the 2nd Thursday, 4 pm, City Hall (300 W 4th Street) - Council Chambers


  • Email inquiries: moffatlmdsecretary@gmail.com
  • Please send any mail inquiries for the LMD to PO Box 1163 Craig, CO 81626
  • Event applications are due on October 31st and March 31st.
  • Applications can be submitted at any time however, they will only be reviewed at the November & April LMD meetings



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