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Hunting / Fishing / Wildlife

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Located in the amazing GMU #10, hunters sometimes wait years for the rare opportunity to hunt the truly, giant Elk and Deer that call this place home. Whether big or small game, Dinosaur and the surrounding area offers it all. From trophy Elk and Mule Deer, to Antelope, Coyotes, Mountain Lion, Sage Grouse and even Bear, there is something for everyone.  Be sure to check the proclamations and obey all laws. There is a lot of private property and park land that surround the public BLM, so a GPS is always a good thing to bring along. For more information, maps or apply for a license here.

Surrounded by epic landscape and rugged terrain, Dinosaur and the surrounding area is also a wildlife photographer's paradise. Amazing sunsets and stunning sunrises, allow for beautiful lighting opportunities in which to photograph, or simply sit back and watch, the abundant wildlife and stunning scenery.

Fishing opportunities are also abundant. Because fishing is legal in the Dinosaur National Monument, anglers have the opportunity to fish the Green, Yampa, and Colorado rivers, among numerous other small streams and ponds. You may visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife for more information or apply for a license here