Town Council Meeting June 25, 2024

LeRoy Trujillo

317 Stegosaurus Fwy
Dinosaur, CO 81610

I was appointed to town council in 2020 and I'm seeking a second term as your councilman.  I am learning the town business quickly and I support the efforts of the town council in making Dinosaur a better place to live and work. 

I moved to Dinosaur 14 years ago from Salt Lake City and I'm married to Gayla.   I'm originally from Taos, NM.  

During the COVID outbreak, I was laid off from my job and already had a class B and I knew if I went to the school and received a Class A, it would be easier for me to find work. I found a job in my community and luckily, I do not have to drive over-the-road, which allows me to attend all council meetings. I utilized workforce funding to attain a Commercial Driver’s License, Class A and was employed shortly after. The position started as a temporary assignment, and I have been working for the company for the last year earning a sustainable wage.  I'm currently employed by Big D's trucking.

I was recently asked what a typical day at work looks like for me?   The first thing I have to do is an inspection and walk around on the truck to make sure it is safe to drive. In the morning, the driver’s get their schedules and I spend about ¾ of my day hauling water to oil fields. The other part of the day, I go wherever I am needed.

I love my job. The best part about it is working independently; it almost feels like I am my own boss. I'm glad I did the training and if asked I would tell others just go and do the training, it will be worth it.