April 25th, 2022 Minutes

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APRIL 25, 2023


The Second Regular Meeting of the Dinosaur Town Council was brought to order by Mayor Blakley at 6:00 p.m. Those present were Mayor Richard A. Blakley, Trustees Darcie Rocque, Marshelle Gray, Michael Taylor, LeRoy Trujillo and Jeremiah Gray by zoom. Absent was Robert Essex.

     First item of business:  Mayor R. Blakley went over the bids received to coat the water tanks.  L. Elarton said that DOLA cannot help with the grant until next year.  The concern was brought up that this needs to be done sooner than later.  The contractor that was selected to do the job is Do About Ne-Thing Now Inc. owned by Adam Dann, out of the Town of Severance. Mayor Blakley and L. Elarton are happy with the work that he has done in the past.

     Trustee M. Taylor made a motion to proceed with the repairs on two of the water towers.   The Town of Dinosaur is going to finance the repairs out of their budget without the grant so the town can get repairs started this year.  L Trujillo seconded the motion. Ayes: 5. Nays: 0. Motion carried.

     Second item of business:  Town growth and the addition of natural gas was discussed.  L. Elarton is in communication with Rangely about their feasibility study and what it would cost for Dinosaur to get natural gas.

     Third item of business:  Mayor R. Blakley said we need to set a date for the town clean up.  The recommended date is May 20th.  Garbage bins will come May 19th and will be behind town hall until May 21st or until dumpsters are full.  A flyer will be mailed with the April water bill with the dates of the May town clean up and flyers will be posted in the local businesses that are willing to put the flyer up. 

     Fourth item of business:  L. Elarton brought up some of the improvements in the town including the community center.  L. Elarton spoke with the town of Hayden. They have done a similar remodel to the school in their community.  He also spoke about some of the improvements that are going to be done to Town Hall, Mayor R. Blakley is trying to get a grant to put sidewalks and streetlights along Highway 40, and the town is looking to put another intersection and a new road on the East side of town.   

     Trustee L Trujillo made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:00 all were in favor.

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                                                                                                Richard A. Blakley



Tamara Long, Town Clerk