April 4th,2022 Minutes

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APRIL 4, 2022



Mayor Blakley brought the Special Meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Richard A. Blakley, Trustees Darcie Rocque, Devonna Wilczek, Charles Winker, and Robert Essex.  Absent were David Heinrich and LeRoy Trujillo.


Mayor Blakley said that they have a Federal Congressional Grant for Natural Gas.  He mentioned that they talked to Bennett’s Office today, with Karla on zoom.  He said that he thought it went well.  He said that they were questioned why we are not going all electric.

 Mr. Laurance Elarton explained that the grid here has just been up dated and we do not have the grid to come close which would cost tons of money to take care of going all electric.  He said that Mr. Peter Heisman was here from CWRA brought out some good points on how would they switch boiler and everything to electric and make it feasible. 

Mr. Elarton said that they thought we had more infrastructure here.  And Moon Lake is already having problems with the switching station.  He said that when they put in two charging stations for the cars that about put them over the edge. 

Trustee Essex said that if any other industry comes in, they will also take away from the grid as well.  He said that natural gas is the base we need to get more industry here.   Trustee Essex asked what are we going to get from them.  Mr. Elarton said 2.5 million, and it will cover the whole project.  Trustee Winkler asked if there is a match.  Mr. Elarton said no it is to assist us in our economic development.  Trustee Essex made a motion, seconded by Trustee Rocque to approve to move ahead with the Congressional Grant.   Ayes: 5. Nays: 0. Motion carried.


Trustee Rocque made a motion to adjourn at 6:16 p.m. all were in favor.


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                                                                                Richard A. Blakley, Mayor





Tamara Long, Town Clerk