August 9th, 2022 Minutes

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AUGUST 9, 2022



Mayor Blakley brought the First Regular Meeting of the Dinosaur Town Council to order at 6:00 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Richard A. Blakley, Trustees Darcie Rocque, Jeremiah Gray, Marshelle Gray, Michael Taylor, Robert Essex, and LeRoy Trujillo.


Trustee Essex made a motion, seconded by Trustee M. Gray to accept the accounts payable with correction to Napa invoices. Ayes: 6. Nays: 0. Motion carried.


Trustee Essex made a motion, seconded by Trustee Taylor to accept the minutes from July 12th and 26th as presented. Ayes: 6. Nays: 0. Motion carried.


Mr. Steve LaBonde gave an update on the pressure release valve, that is leaking. He said that they are going to put in a check valve. He said that it will be 2-3 weeks to get it delivered. Trustee Taylor asked what kind of a warranty they are going to give on the new valve. Mr. LaBonde said that it would be a one-year warranty.

Trustee Darcie Rocque arrived at 6:14 p.m.

Mr. LaBonde said that the final settlement for Val Kotter will be August 22. He said that it had to be published it in the Rio Blanco Herald Times. He said after that Ms. Karla Distel will close out the Val Kotter contract.


Mr. LaBonde said that the Town is under a Colorado discharge permit system for the lagoons. He said that they will have to do a termination application to withdraw from the discharge permit. Then a letter to request that they suspended the annual fee for the permit, of $1501.


Mr. LaBonde said that Merrett LS the surveyors that they work with was surveying for Baxter Springs. He said they have brass caps on the corners of the blocks Allosaurus and Boodle and the Highway South to Third Street. He said that they will deposit the survey with the County then others can go off those surveys. He said that they are waiting on aerial’s and then they can get the plans up to Richard.


Trustee Taylor asked if there are state rules that limit the amount of money they can spend on a project as a municipality to do ourselves. Mr. Elarton and Mayor Blakley said not that he knows of. Trustee Taylor said that when he worked with the state the limit was $50,000 otherwise, they had to put it out to bid, because it was unfair to competition with private enterprises.


Mayor Blakley said that they have a liquor license renewal for the Highway Bar & Grill. Trustee Essex made a motion, seconded by Trustee Trujillo to renew the liquor license. Ayes: 7. Nays: 0. Motion carried.


Mayor Blakey said that the project is going well, he said that they found a 4” main coming from 3rd to 2nd Street. Trustee Essex asked if the surveyors that were in town working was for Steve or the Town. Mayor Blakley said that they were working for the town. Trustee Essex said that he has been asking for six months to have Triceratops surveyed. Mayor Blakley said that they went through Steve, so that they knew where they are putting the lines. Mr. Elarton said that they did not have time. Mayor Blakley said that they are going to have them come back to do Deserado Drive. Mayor Blakley said that they are still waiting on manholes.


Mr. Elarton said that the vet from Countryside will be here September 7th. He said that they would like people to call in and make appointments, so they bring enough vaccinations. They will be here from 3:00-6:00 p.m.


Mr. Elarton said that the state engineer has paperwork for Well #2. Mayor Blakley said that they are waiting on the plans. Mr. Elarton said the tank divers will be here within the next couple week to clean the tanks. And are looking on painting the chips on the side of the tanks. Trustee Taylor asked if anyone was going to inform the fire department that they are going to do confined space entry, so they are aware. Mr. Elarton said that is part of their action plan.


Trustee Taylor asked how deep the lines are going to be when they are doing the excavation on the water and sewer lines. Mayor Blakley said that they are working on it and will do the slopes.


Mr. Elarton said that Sav on Propane told us how to repair the propane line. Mr. Jim Evans said that they suggested that we run the line past the door and around the window, then cut a piece of the concrete and put in a ditch for the line. Mayor Blakley said that it would have to be a certified plumber to put the line in. Trustee Trujillo asked when are we getting natural gas? Trustee Essex said that they will tap into the pipe when the bring the natural gas in. He said that anybody that works on a commercial building must be certified.


Mr. Elarton said that he wanted to thank Mr. James Young the transit that was broke down. He raked and water the Ledford Park and it is looking good.


Trustee Taylor asked who is taking care of the agenda. Tamara said that she types up the agenda. Trustee Taylor asked what the policy on when they come out. Tamara said that they were in their boxes on Friday. She said that Mr. Jim Evans has emailed them out before. Mr. Evans said that he had been doing it. Trustee Taylor asked when they email them or post them on the website. He said that they take time out to do this stuff and having a consistent notice that they can expect by a certain time, gives them all time to plan their schedules and do research.


Trustee M. Gray said that she had a person come to her that had gone to Rangely to get school supplies for their child. They were told because they do not live in their county, they were not able to give them supplies for low income. She asked if the town does something or is that correct. Mayor Blakley said that they get paid for the students that go over there. Trustee Trujillo said that the Moffat County paid $14,000 per child. He said that it has been like this for years. It was mentioned that anyone that qualifies for reduced lunch should qualify for it. Trustee Gray said that she reached out to a County Commissioner, and she said that she would bring one from Craig for that student. Trustee M. Gray said that she will reach out to the Superintendent to see why that happened.


Ms. Devonna Wilczek asked if the town limit signs are done. Mr. Elarton said that they are supposed to be getting freighted, but he has not got any notice.


Ms. Wilczek asked why we are hiring the individual back to do the framing of the windows, when he didn’t finish the job at the school. Mr. Elarton said that the job he did on the school was fine. He had other things going on. And he is the only contractor that is willing to do it. Ms. Wilczek asked if he is going to get this done in a timely manner. Mr. Elarton said that we need to get this done instead of waiting for another six months.


Ms. Stormy Kyle said the Mr. Brian Zimmer told her that he got permission from Mr. Elarton to use the ballpark by the school as a dog park. She said that she wants permission to chain a barrel to the fence to keep it clean. She said that there are gaps in the fence, she said that she needs permission to fix it or see what they can do.  Mr. Elarton said that he told Mr. Zimmer that he could walk his dog up there. He said that there are other issues like insurance, and see what the liabilities would be.


Trustee Essex made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:52 all were in favor.


                                                                                                TOWN OF DINOSAUR



                                                                                                Richard A. Blakley, Mayor





Tamara Long, Town Clerk